Biggest adventure yet

It’s been awfully quiet over here in the blog.  In fact, it’s been pretty quiet in general in NWTP’s little corner of the world wide web.  Apart from the lack of blog updates, my daily posts in Instagram have gone down to weekly and to even less frequent.  I hope you’ll forgive me—no, I have not given up on travel and adventure.  In fact, my husband and I are preparing for our biggest adventure yet.  It’s with a lot of joy and excitement that I share this news with you all:

We are pregnant and expecting our little travel buddy to arrive in early June.  We are beyond excited and ask you for positive vibes for a happy and healthy pregnancy.  Although my first trimester symptoms of nausea and exhaustion limited our travels, we were still able to squeeze in two trips—to Florence and to Toronto.  Now in my second trimester, my energy is back and I’m really looking forward to travelling again before I become too big and too heavy to fly.  I’m particularly excited about planning a babymoon—any ideas of babymoon spots in Europe will be most welcome.

Amidst all the travel planning, I’m also giddily planning for the arrival of our baby.  I’m a first-time mom so all’s new to me; suddenly my travel spreadsheets and calendars have been rendered obsolete.  I am incredibly happy and happier that I’m able to finally share this news with you all.  I thank you from the bottom of my full, full heart for continuing to follow along and sharing this new adventure with us!

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