Hotel Amigo Brussels

Trivia: Back in the 16th century, someone mistook the word ‘vrient’ — Flemish for prison — as ‘vriend,’ which eventually led to the name of Hotel Amigo.  Over 500 years later, the hotel bares no trace of its prison-past but its outstanding accommodations will make any visitor actually not want to leave.

We cannot have picked a better hotel for our weekend stay in Brussels to visit the Christmas markets. A five-star hotel under the Rocco Forte flag, Hotel Amigo has all the bells and whistles of a luxury hotel:

  • Elegant interiors boasting a mix of traditional Flemish décor and Rocco Forte’s signature clean Italian design
  • Luxurious touches that include embroidered silk curtains, Pierre Marcolini chocolates to welcome guests, and Marcel Broodthaers & René Magritte prints on the walls of the 173 rooms and suites
  • Pleasant demeanour and outstanding service by all hotel staff including going out of their way to walk newly-arrived guests to their suites complete with a quick history of the hotel and tips on attractions close by

But what I love most about the hotel is its location:

  • So close to the station:  Hotel Amigo is 400 metres away from the Gare de Bruxelles-Centrale (Central Train Station).  For us, this meant that upon arriving to a cold, wintery Brussels, in less than five minutes, we were in the warmth of Hotel Amigo’s festive lobby.
  • Steps from Grand-Place: Located just behind the iconic Hôtel de Ville de Bruxelles, Hotel Amigo is literally steps away—about 56 steps when I counted—from the Grand-Place which is known to be the most popular attraction in all of Brussels.  For us, this meant that we were a few seconds away from the magical Christmas lights show which we were able to watch several times.
  • Surrounded by Christmas markets: Just by walking around the hotel, we were able to visit multiple Christmas markets, charming shops selling seasonal goods, and even holiday-themed fairs complete with glittery carousels.  For my husband and I, this meant that a quick stroll around the block was a full-on food fest: the best waffles in town by the hotel’s front door, raclette baguette around the corner, grilled sausages across from there, and even more food stalls as we circled back to the hotel.
  • Balcony with a show:  The best feature of the hotel’s location, and our room in particular, was getting a private view of the Christmas lights show from the comfort of our own balcony (video below).  Our room faced east and was right behind Hôtel de Ville.  At night, this meant getting a glimpse of the lights show in the comfort and warmth of our room.  During the day, we had a magnificent view of the tower, cobbled streets, and the old town’s spires.

Hotel Amigo’s front doors are but a five-minute walk from the main station


Hotel Amigo’s festive lobby


Our east-facing room directly opposite the Hôtel de Ville


Sitting area with a view of the spires of Hôtel de Ville


Flemish décor and Rocco Forte’s signature clean Italian design



The snow-capped roofscape view from the balcony during daytime


The short walk to the Grand-Place from the hotel


Lit-up tower of Hôtel de Ville seen from inside the room at night


The view during the day, and at nighttime

If your goal is to immerse yourself to Old Town Brussels’ 16th century architecture, intoxicating festive spirit, whilst in the luxurious embrace of one of the Leading Hotels of the World, then make no mistake and book at Hotel Amigo.

Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo • Rue de l’Amigo 1-3 B-1000 Brussels, Belgium • +32 2 547 4747

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