Inside Frankfurt’s Roomers Design Hotel

Sensual.  That’s a word I never thought I’d use to describe a hotel. But no other word more perfectly describes Frankfurt’s Roomers Design Hotel better than that—sensual.

We stayed at Roomers for our weekend trip to Frankfurt to visit the Christmas markets. The primary reason I selected Roomers is its amazing location—being a short walk away from the central train station (400 meters) and Romemberg Square where the markets were located.  But I confess, I also picked Roomers because I was curious.  Below is an excerpt from the hotel’s website describing what guests can expect:

“A place where fantasy soars and the creativity of its guests is perpetually stimulated… The epiphany of burlesque elegance amidst the pulsating life of Frankfurt metropolis – created against all the ordinary standards and tiresome so-called comfort.”

Fantasy?  Epiphany?  Burlesque?  These words had me intrigued and my curiosity, piqued.

First impressions

Upon arrival, I immediately knew Roomers will be different.  As we approached the hotel, the first thing I noticed is the front doors—they were not the glass revolving doors of most five-star hotels these days.  Instead, they were big, black, and quite imposing—almost uninviting, intimidating, forbidding you to enter.  And unlike the conventional hotel lobby with clear glass panels that let not only the light in but also glimpses from people on the streets, Roomers had fully-tinted glass walls that kept everything inside private, intimate, secret.

When we entered the lobby, we were not greeted by bright lights and floral arrangements.  Instead, we were drawn in by hushed voices and soft music, the glow of the fireplace and mood lighting from crystal lamps, the sight of  soft silk drapes and plush velvet sofas.  The lobby décor did not stimulate—instead it suggested calm, relaxation, abandon.

After we checked in, I was ready for either a Glencairn glasses of blue blazer, or a cup of hot mulled wine.


Rich velvet and sculpture-like furniture in the hotel lobby


Redefining the wing-back chair


Mood lighting from crystal chandeliers


Beautiful light fixtures, beautiful details all over the hotel


High-back velvet-covered banquet benches in the restaurant, encouraging privacy and intimacy


Rich textures on the chaise lounge combined with atmospheric lighting


The sultry lounge

The room

The soft lights and lasciviously luxurious fabrics continued from the lobby to the room. We were lavished with five-star comfort and amenities, and it was clear that the décor of metallic tones and natural wood intended to have guests feeling soothed and seduced at the same time.






Other Amenities

At the top floor of Roomers is an retreat for indulgence and release—the spa offers guests a jacuzzi, an organically-designed dry sauna, a steam bath, and two self-operating massage beds. My absolute favourite is the glass beads-filled relaxation tubs. I am still not certain if this is the intent, but I am aware that the sound glass beads make induce an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) which, in layman’s terms, is that pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, or backback, or peripheral regions of the body in response to stimuli—at times resulting to goosebumps.  Whatever the intent is, playing with the beads sure worked for me.


The spa’s jacuzzi with ever-changing colours


The glass beads-filled tubs for relaxation


Glass beads to stimulate that pleasurable tingling sensation?


Playing with the glass beads was oh-so-soothing

Behind the hotel is a large patio decked out in contemporary art-like furniture—rocks and tree stumps for seats and tables.  Although we were not able to enjoy the patio as it was Wintertime we visited, I can imagine that in in warmer weather, the space will be conducive to socializing… mixing… mingling.



At the topmost floor of the hotel is the Skylounge that gives guests great views of the Frankfurt skyline.  It’s probably the only spot in the entire hotel that’s drenched in sunlight.  But, consistent with the rest of the place, it seduces in subtle ways: the soft curves of the couch, the supple leather, the oversized cushions that invite you to lounge and stay and linger.


The service

Roomers works hard in stirring up all sorts of feelings from its guests—keeping guests feeling intimate yet aloof, relaxed but aroused.  It’s not the conventional hotels that I’m used to and had me waiting for the unexpected at all times—whether it’s in the room features, food at the restaurant, or hotel amenities.  But if there’s one thing it kept conventional, it’s the good customer service of the hotel staff—helpful, welcoming, accommodating.

For next time

I sometimes cannot believe that we stayed at Roomers during a weekend dedicated to the Christmas markets—so innocent and harmless.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and I am convinced that I will come back.  When we do, I will make sure (and this I recommend) that it will be to celebrate an anniversary or a romantic getaway—I can only imagine how much more sensual and pleasurable our stay will be.


Roomers • Gutleutstraße 85, Frankfurt am Main • +49 69 27 13 42 0 •

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