8 Reasons to stay at The Grand Hotel Toplice

“Your room comes with a boat,” said the lady at the front desk. Upon hearing this, my husband’s eyes lit up like headlights and the scowl he’s politely been trying to hide from the hotel staff upturned to a big, beaming smile. It was late in the afternoon when we reached Grand Hotel Toplice in Bled—the last stop of an action-packed day that involved waking up at 6AM, touring Postojna Cave and Predjema Castle, shuttling back to Ljubljana, riding the local bus to Bled, and finally walking to the hotel for about a kilometer.  By the time we reached the hotel lobby to check in, my husband (who carried the heavier luggage—bless him) was exhausted and pretty much wiped out. But like a toy to a tantrum, the idea of having his very own boat in Lake Bled brought out a big, big smile from him.

8 Reasons to stay at The Grand Hotel Toplice in Lake Bled:

Getting your own row boat to row and ride in Lake Bled’s emerald green waters is only one of the many things I loved about this five-star hotel.  A member of the elite group of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Grand Hotel Toplice offers perks and services to its guests that puts it in a league of its own among the other properties around Lake Bled.  And here’s a roundup of my favourites, with accompanying photos to convince you, without a shadow of a doubt, to make Grand Hotel Toplice your No. 1 hotel choice in Lake Bled.


1.  Getting breathtaking views of Bled Castle as you lay in bed, and 2. the elegant décor of the rooms—the sheen of the wooden furniture, the herringbone pattern on the floor, the luxurious fabrics

Our room was on the 2nd floor and did not only have a view of Bled Castle but also of the spectacular sunset since it’s west-facing.


3. Having our own private balcony with sweeping views of Lake Bled

The private balcony is the perfect spot for a morning tea as you watch the lake get illuminated by the rising sun, or to catch the sunset with a glass of aperitif before heading to dinner.



4. The large terraces and sitting areas all over the hotel that gave magnificent vistas of Bled

Bigger groups can choose among the many terraces and lounges around the hotel.



5. The indoor pool filled with thermal spring water which is emptied each night and freshly filled every morning

The natural spring water is at a cool 22 degrees Celsius which is perfect to cool down after a hike around the lake or rowing to the island.


6. The private beach/deck that allows guests to take dips in Lake Bled and climb right back to their chaise lounge while enjoying the view of Bled Island

Each chaise lounge has a stunning view of Bled Island to the left, and Bled Castle to the right.




7. The fact that it’s the highest-rated (5 stars) of the three hotels that are located by the shore of Lake Bled, and the only one that offers a private beach and boat dock for exclusive use of its guests

What’s even better than having your own boat? Having a boat with a picnic basket in it complete with champagne which the hotel will provide upon request.




8. And last but definitely not the least: Getting your very own row boat.

A memorable and romantic adventure is guaranteed, oarsman not included.

We absolutely loved our stay at the Grand Hotel Toplice but I need to mention that the breakfast and dinner we had at the hotel’s restaurant left me wanting more—in the food quality, ambience, and overall service.  My recommendation is that you head out to other restaurants (Penzion Vila Prešeren is amazing) for lunch or dinner then come back to The Grand Hotel Toplice to enjoy your dessert of Bled creme cake—an absolute must-have whilst in Bled.  Savour every bite with the most beautiful views of the lake from the comfort of your own balcony or in one of the many terraces and lounges.  Before you take your last bite, I’m certain you will be convinced why Grand Hotel Toplice has been the unparalleled choice King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and other illustrious personalities of Slovenia and the rest of the world.


The Grand Hotel Toplice • From 133EUR a night • +386 4 579 16 00

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