The only rooftop terrace in town: Hotel Stari Grad

Although there are hundreds of accommodations available in Dubrovnik, there are currently only two hotels inside the walls of Old Town.  I thought choosing between the two options would be difficult but when I found out that only one of them had a rooftop terrace—the only rooftop terrace in the entire town—I knew there was no contest; I chose to book at Hotel Stari Grad.

Hotel Stari Grad played an integral role in the amazing time that we had in Dubrovnik.  The hotel is located just a few steps away from Pile Gate and the main street, Stradun.  It’s one of the smallest four-star hotels I have ever been to: Two rooms face each other in each of the four floors for a grand total of eight rooms.  The hotel is so petite that it does not have room for a lift.  But what Hotel Stari Grad lacked in size it has made up for in other things:  great service, elegant décor, and most notably, spectacular views.

  • Location:  The location of the hotel is prime.  From the hotel’s front doors, you can turn left and be at Stradun.  Turn right, and you’ll be at a strip of great restaurants.  The hotel is also at the lowest level of the town so there are no stairs to worry about for your luggage.  (I saw so many tourists lug their heavy luggage up several flights of narrow stairs because their guest houses and apartments are at highers areas of the Old Town.)
  • Service:  It did not matter whether it was 9AM, in the middle of the sacred hours of siesta time, or well past midnight, the hotel staff was always warm, welcoming, and accommodating to our requests and questions.  The same goes for the restaurant and bar staff who I genuinely felt were constantly looking out to please.
  • Décor:  The hotel is simply yet tastefully decorated.  I love the jewel tones and rich fabrics, combined with luxurious accent pieces here and there.  My absolute favourite?  Hardwood floors in the bathroom—very chic.
  • Views The spectacular views from the rooftop terrace/restaurant of Dubrovnik’s red-tiled roofs is, to me, the No. 1 selling point of the hotel.  It is the only rooftop terrace in the entire town.  Yes, you can see similar views when you climb up the old city walls, but nothing beats having your freshly squeezed orange juice and poached eggs at 8AM whilst enjoying the magnificent view.

The amazing view of Old Town from our breakfast table


The view on the right side of the terrace. Can you see the people walking along the city walls in the distance?


Our elegantly decorated room with lots of sunlight.






Jewel tones in the welcoming lobby/lounge.


See the black wooden trellis? That’s Hotel Stari Grad’s rooftop terrace/restaurant as seen from the walls. Pretty special, isn’t it?

Boutique Hotel Stari Grad · A. Od Sigurate 4, Dubrovnik, Croatia · +385(0)20 322-244 ·
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