Happy new year from Amsterdam!

New year, new blog.  


I’m 3 weeks late, yes, but here it is anyway: HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE! As you can see, the blog has taken a new format and design. It’s what kept me quite occupied over the past few weeks, and I’m thrilled to finally share it with you and the rest of the world.

There are two big changes:

1. BIGGER, BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY.  In this new design, images are much, much bigger.  This puts the photos front and centre, which means there’s absolutely zero room for sub-par photography in the blog.  This aligns well with my 2014 goal of further developing my photography skills.  I think I’ve grown leaps and bounds last year.  (Check out this series of the best photos from 2013, if you need proof.)  This year, I want to learn new techniques, experiment with different lenses, and hopefully be a much better photographer for your viewing pleasure.

2. EASIER NAVIGATION.  This new design also offers easier navigation.  You’ll get the same experience whether you’re browsing via your laptop, your tablet, or your mobile phone.  Just scroll, read, and enjoy.

Apart from these two changes, it’s the same travel blog and it remains true to its purpose from Day 1:

Now What’s the Plan? invites you to daydream about your next travel destination wherever and whenever it may be. Our goal is to inspire you to reward yourself with no ordinary experience but one that’s smart & sensible, with a soupçon of style & sophistication. Whether it’s a quick weekend escape, a luxurious getaway, or a thrilling adventure, we give you real travel stories, carefully crafted itineraries and beautiful photography to help you feed that unquenchable wanderlust!

May 2014 be our best travel year yet!


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