2013′s Best Travel Photos: Trip 13 to Kotor, Montenegro

Recapping another year of travelling through my favourite photos from each trip of 2013.


To fully appreciate this photo, imagine this: You just climbed up 1,000 steps of winding stone stairs.  You are almost 1,100 feet above street level.  You are looking back and can see several distinct layers: the fortification wall in the foreground which you’ve hugged throughout the entire climb.  In the distance is the old town of Kotor over 1,000 feet below you.  And even further in the distance, you can see the legendary mountains from which Montenegro is named after and known for.  Oh and yes, the blue Montenegrin sky.  Take in the view, there are over 300 more steps to go.  

Breathtaking photos and story on ‘Climbing Kotor’ coming soon.

Climbing 1,350 steps is exhausting but gives you endless views of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Kotor 
and the majestic mountain ranges of Montenegro.


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