2013′s Best Travel Photos: Trip 8 to the Fjords of Norway

Recapping another year of travelling through my favourite photos from each trip of 2013.


We first visited Norway in the winter and saw the country covered in white, powdery snow.  We went back in the summer to see it transform into a green lanscape enjoying over 20 hours of sunlight each day.  I love this photo of the fjords from the boat that took us from Flåm to Gudvangen — the reflection of the green cliff-rocks make the water to also gleam green.  The “green-ness” is a far cry from Norway’s snow-clad landscape in the winter.

Blog series on our Norwegian fjord cruise coming soon.

Norway’s majestic fjords almost glow green in the summer months.

Best Travel Photos of 2013: Fjords of Norway

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