2013′s Best Travel Photos: Trip 2 to Berlin, Germany

Recapping another year of travelling through my favourite photos from each trip of 2013.


I almost gave myself neck injury in taking this photo of the Berliner Dom’s dome.  I had to tilt my head aaaaall the way back, bend my body a bit more, balance 3kg of camera and lens, and find the perfect lighting.  I think the photograph is beautiful, though.  And here it is for your viewing pleasure—no acrobatics needed.

It’s impossible not to be awestruck by the magnificent Renaissance façade of the Berliner Dom. 
But for me, the most beautiful part of the cathedral is inside, all the way up, almost giving you a peek into heaven.

2013's Best Travel Photos - Trip 2: Berlin, Germany

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  1. This was closed when we were in Berlin a few years back so we weren’t able to visit it. There is a Christmas market in Chicago that we visit each year that is German themed and we were just saying we needed to go back – even though I wasn’t a huge fan initially. I’d like to see Berlin again and then head off into the Black Forest area for some additional sightseeing/hiking.

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