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Due to my foolish misconceptions about Berlin, I was very uninterested during the planning of our weekend trip, and I let my husband pick out our hotel. KD’s criteria for accommodations can be simplified to 3C’s:

My husband’s 3C’s in picking a hotel:
     Clean enough.
     Cheaper is better.
     Cots are OK.

He’s a fairly easy-going, low maintenance guy and that’s one of the many reasons I adore him. I, on the other hand, approach it slightly differently. If the hotels featured in this blog are any indication, I prefer my accommodations to be a little nicer than most:

My 3C’s in picking a hotel:
     Comfortable luxury.
     Condé Nast quality.
     Charming in a stylish and non-tacky way.

Coming from polar opposites, we knew we needed the help of another C —the key to to every healthy marriage: Compromise.

ARCOTEL Velvet Berlin is a 4-star boutique hotel in the heart of Mitte. The moment you step into the lobby, you will immediately notice the hotel’s signature décor: a mosaic of portraits of the most famous and influential Germans in history—Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven, Marlene Dietrich—peppered by a number of other international icons.

berlin-on-a-budget-88 copy

The hotel is also decorated with tufted armchairs in deep burgundy leather and deep red colour accents giving guests a subtle supple buy rich feel—like velvet.

My favourite part of the hotel is how they’ve incorporated little surprises that are bound to please and amuse. Our hotel room had a funky contraption holding two apples with a little note thats says, “Have a nice day.” Our room also had a very open concept such that only a sheer curtain separated the bedroom from the shower. So if you’re sharing the room with a friend, ask for a room with a walled-off shower or get ready to really get to know each other.

berlin-on-a-budget-5 copy

The perfect kickoff to your morning: Apples and a ‘have a nice day’ greeting

berlin-on-a-budget-1 copy

berlin-on-a-budget-6 copy

A sheer curtain separates the shower area to the bedroom

Other thigs we loved about ARCOTEL Velvet Berlin:
  • The tram runs right in front of the hotel
  • Oranienburger Tor subway stations is just around the corner
  • Mirchi—an amazing Singaporean restaurant is across the street and serves dinner until 1:00am. Midnight snack of rice and prawns, anyone?
  • Oranium Cafe is 350 meters away and serves an amazing breakfast (See No. 1 in this list)
  • The hotel is located in Oranienburger Straße which transforms into party central at night.  Wikipedia puts it plainly: The street is popular with tourists and Berliners for its nightlife with numerous restaurants and bars.
  • At the heart of Mitte, the hotel is walking distance to a good number of tourist spots including Hackescher Markt (950m), Berliner Dom (1.4km), Brandenburg Gate (1.6km) and Alexanderplatz (2km)

And last but not the least, ARCOTEL Velvet Berlin is quite affordable: With their promotions for Summer 2013, one night at the hotel can cost anywhere from €70 to €160.  It’s absolutely great value for your money!

All in all, ARCOTEL Velvet favoured my criteria with its Berlin boutique hotel style and swagger. And yes, Condé Nast Traveller agrees.  My husband was pretty pleased too that the bill didn’t break the bank. Having a great place to stay in Berlin was definitely a big factor why we enjoyed our weekend in the city immensely!

berlin-on-a-budget-91 copy

ARCOTEL Velvet Berlin · Oranienburger Straße 52 10117 Berlin, Germany  · +49 30 278 753-0  ·

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  1. When I stayed there in 2009, they had an amazing package for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall – welcome drink, breakfast and a 2-hour personal guided walking tour of the Berlin Wall. I totally recommend checking out what packages they have going on – it was a great place to stay!

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