Lavender fields forever

Sing with me: Let me take you down ’cause I’m going to… lavender fields forever…  Well, The Beatles’ song is actually Strawberry Fields Forever and had nothing at all to do with fields or fruits.  But the song has been on repeat in my Spotify the past several days as I finalize the plan for our trip to Provence.  In a few weeks, we will be flying to Marseilles, renting a car, and for four days we’ll be driving around the South of France.  My mission is singular: To see lavender fields that seem to go on forever and ever… and ever.  Based on my research, June through August are the best months to go when the flowers are abloom.

I cannot describe how excited I am about this trip.  Just as our last trip to London to watch cricket had been entirely for my husband, this trip—with the very feminine theme of no other than flowers—will be mostly for me.

I did a quick Google search for ‘lavender fields’ and these lovely, lovely images came up.  If I can take photographs close to any of these, I’ll be very happy.

Google image search results for 'lavender fields.'  I'm inlove.

Google image search results for ‘lavender fields.’ I’m inlove.

Have you seen the lavender fields before?  Do share a tip or two!

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  1. When I was in Provence in May 2011 the lavender wasn’t out in full bloom, but we did go to a Lavender museum which was fascinating – even for the men in our group.I’m looking forward to seeing your photos of the lavender fields.

      • The food and the wine will certainly keep him entertained. I ate the best cheeses, icecream, chocolate and fantastic meals at Michelin star restaurants. Be prepared to loosen the belt a few notches! :)

          • Oooh I don’t remember names, but do remember the towns and you could google the Michelin star restaurants that are there as I’m not sure if the ones that we ate at still have their stars. We ate at one in Gourdes and one in Menerbes. There was an absolutely amazing chocolate shop in St Remy – Joël Durand Chocolatier 3 bd Victor Hugo, 13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and also great icecream shops in the town. But really I don’t think you can go wrong eating anywhere in Provence!!!! It’s known for it’s food and wine!

          • Thank you, thank you! I will report back if we end up in any of these spots. ;) Wish we had been connected before our trip to Jordan; we would’ve gotten so much more of the place. Next visit hopefully. :)

  2. It will be super init! Google the L’Occitane factory, it’s somewhere in Provence. You can take a tour of the factory, and they have a museum too.

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