20 hours of sunlight in Norway

I am terribly behind schedule with my blog posts.  This past week, I had hoped to kickoff the Germany series and do a full coverage of Berlin and Bavaria.  But alas, Amsterdam has been basking in beautiful sunshine for the past seven days which had me spending most of my time outside.  In the past two years that I’ve lived in the Netherlands, I’ve never seen an entire week of summer-like temperatures accompanied by nothing but blue skies; the entire city is in a great mood.  Given that it’s also my last week before starting a new job (hooray!), I tried to make the most of it by seeing friends.  Just in the past week I’ve had several picnics, BBQs at the park, patio drinks, ice cream breaks by the canal, and one full day at the beach.  My skin is glowing golden brown and I’m stocked up with my Vitamin D.

But this weekend we are leaving sunny Amsterdam for an even sunnier location: Norway.

Photo by Fjord Tours (norwaynutshell.com)

Photo by Fjord Tours (norwaynutshell.com)

We are spending the weekend travelling from Oslo to Bergen via Fjord Tours’ Norway in a nutshell® tour.  It will be our second time in Norway; our first trip was to Tromso to see the northern lights but this will be the first time that we’re seeing it without the cover of snow.  For two days we will have over 20 hours of sunlight.  I can think of no better way to end my break and get me fully charged for my new gig!

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