Back-to-back: From Bavaria to Romania

We are back from a four-day trip to Bavaria.  It was a very special trip for me as I got another item checked off from my bucket list: to see Cinderella’s castle a.k.a. Neuschwanstein Castle.  And somewhere in the Bavarian Alps , my husband and I fell in love with the Linderhof Palace.  With our pinkies crossed with each other, we made a pact that we’ll start planning for our own.  It will most likely not have 5 kilos of gold leaf in the ceilings, but it will be special just the same.

Apart from the stories the many stories (which I’ll write about soon), we came home with these two beautiful beer steins.  It was difficult to choose from walls and walls of choices but we love these two:

Beer stein from Munchen

We are not heavy beer drinkers so one will be used for tea, and the other will probably be a book end

This is our first back-to-back weekend for the year and I’m now finalizing the itinerary for our next destination.  Can you guess where from the image below?  It’s the stereotypical association with the country but I am absolutely certain it has a whole lot more to offer!

Guess where we're going next

Guess where we’re going next

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