Four Seasons Gresham Palace

After fully appreciating the hotel, one might wonder if the Four Seasons’ doors open to the magnificent Chain Bridge, or does the Chain Bridge lead to the spectacular Four Seasons?

Beautiful Budapest - Four Seasons Gresham Palace

In most cities around the world, it is next to impossible to find a beautiful hotel that’s right across the landmark that the city is known for.  A Parisian hotel that opens its doors to the Eiffel Tower?  Doesn’t exist.  Hotel rooms that give an unobstructed view of the Colosseo?  Only in movies.  Stepping out after a wonderful hotel breakfast to find yourself across the street from the Taj Mahal?  Fantasy.

Then there’s Budapest’s Four Seasons Gresham Palace—a hotel with front doors that open to the most famous monument of the city:

Chain bridge leads directly to the Four Seasons Gresham Palace

Do the front doors of the hotel lead to the Chain Bridge, or does the Chain Bridge lead to the Four Seasons?

The Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest gives an altogether new definition to the words “prime location.”  The hotel is 80 meters away from Budapest’s iconic  Széchenyi Chain Bridge .  80 meters—that’s about the length of 10 parked cars.   And from your bedroom window on the Pest bank of the Danube, you get a full view of Buda’s trifecta: the Chain Bridget flanked by Buda Castle and Matthias Church atop Castle Hill.  There’s simply no other hotel in the entire city that will give you a better view or location.

Originally built in 1906, the building was nearly destroyed by World War II and was practically left in disrepair during the Communist regime.  It took years to restore it to its original grandeur, and in 2004, opened its doors as the Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest.

We arrived on Friday evening straight from the airport to find the hotel’s stately facade so beautifully illuminated from the outside.

Four Seasons Gresham Palace at night

Beautifully lit at night

Upon entering, we were greeted by the majestic lobby and a magnificent glass cuppola crowned by a crystal chandelier made of hundreds of hand-shaped leaves.  To complete the look, intricate ironwork and marble mosaics cover walls, doors and floors:

four-seasons-hotel-gresham-palace-5 copy

four-seasons-hotel-gresham-palace-30 copy

Brightly-lit and elegantly-decorated hallways lead to a total of 179 rooms—51 with spectacular views of the Danube, and 19 glorious suites with floor-to-ceiling windows, vaulted ceilings and private balconies.

four-seasons-hotel-gresham-palace-16 copy

Veronica Szabo, the Four Season’s PR Manager, was beaming with pride as she walked us to the Park Suite.  As we entered the room, it was very clear why.  Bright and spacious at 65m2, every aspect of the room exudes the Four Seasons signature of simple, elegant luxury.  Furniture and decór are classic but not dated, clean yet not cold.  Muted colours give the suite a cozy, relaxing feel and work perfectly with the warmth of the mahogany in the furnishings, and the hardwood flooring.

four-seasons-hotel-gresham-palace-6 copy

four-seasons-hotel-gresham-palace-9 copy

But I think the best feature of the room is actually outside: the picture-perfect view of Buda Castle, the sparkling waters of the Danube and the rest of Castle Hill:

four-seasons-hotel-gresham-palace-11 copy

four-seasons-hotel-gresham-palace-13 copy

The view from the Park Suite window

Not to be outdone is the suite’s bathroom—almost entirely in marble, it lives up to Budapest’s reputation of having the best baths in all of Europe:

four-seasons-hotel-gresham-palace-14 copy

Apart from the luxurious rooms & suites, the hotel also boasts a beautiful restaurant in the ground floor, ornate stained glass windows and ironwork all over the premises, and of course, a stunning spa built right at the top floor:

Gresham Restaurant

Gresham Restaurant

Gresham Restaurant

Gresham Restaurant’s dining area

Beautiful stairwell topped with stained glass skylight windows

Beautiful stairwell topped with stained glass skylight windows

An artist's take on Sir Thomas Gresham

An artist’s take on Sir Thomas Gresham

The fifth floor pool

The fifth floor pool

When I asked Veronika what she thought the No. 1 reason why anyone should pick the Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest as their hotel in Budapest, I thought she would struggle to choose between the the prime location, the beautiful rooms and the spectacular view.  But in less than a heartbeat she answered with the warmest, sincerest smile, “It’s our service.”  She believes that the consistent, genuine and unparalleled service provided by the staff—from a warm smile along the hallways, knowing you by your name, or going the extra mile in pampering the guests—is key to being voted as one of the Top 25 hotels of the world.

Best views in the city, five-star luxury & world-class service—now who can say no to that?

Turndown treats for the pampered guests

Turndown treats for the pampered guests


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