Easy Holiday Décor

Easy holiday decorations

Exactly one month to go until Christmas!

Growing up in the Philippines, I have been used to counting down to Christmas the moment September comes.  Filipinos dub the months of September through December as the ber months—a four-month lead up to the most wonderful time of the year.  Radio stations start playing Christmas carols, malls put up holiday décor and almost every marketing campaign launches a countdown of some sort.  Absolutely ludicrous to the rest of the world, but I don’t think Filipinos will have it any other way.

Moving to Canada 10 years ago, I slowly tamed the Christmas freak in me.  I learned that it does not make sense to put up Christmas decorations in the front porch in October because they will look ridiculous once covered with cobwebs from Halloween.  And now that I am observing Diwali (courtesy of my Hindu fiancé), I have to wait until mid-November to start prepping the holiday paraphernalia.  And when I do, oh boy—all the repression is unleashed in the form of Christmas balls and tinsel.

To mark the start of the 30-day countdown to Christmas, I’m sharing 3 very easy holiday décor projects that are sure to bring the Christmas mood into any home, whichever part of the world you’re in.

Everything you will need for all three projects is practically on this table: a wreath, a few trays, Christmas balls in various sizes, holiday beads, fresh pine leaves and some pine cones.


Step 1:  String beads or ribbons around the wreath.  If you wish to light up the wreath, string the lights around, as well.

Step 2:  Start by hanging your most striking and most beautiful Christmas balls.  You’ll notice that I positioned mine in a diamond shape to space them apart equally.

Step 3:  Take your next best set of Christmas balls and space them out around the wreath.

Step 4:  Hang the smaller balls around the wreath, filling the spaces around the bigger ornaments.

Step 5:  Add other accents.  In this case, I used pine cones because I love how they add a natural, rustic look to the whole wreath.

Step 6:  Light it up and enjoy!


You’ll need a large tray to hold the arrangement—wood, metal, plastic—it’s really up to you.  You will also need candles, some fresh pine leaves, pine cones, Christmas balls and other decorations you wish to add.

(Steps from top to bottom)  Step 1: Take a tray that’s large enough to be a centrepiece for your table.  Step 2: Position the candles on the tray.  Step 3: Add some loose pine leaves around the candles, then Step 4: Add the Christmas balls, pine cones and other decorations on top of the pine leaves. (Note:  Fresh pine leaves will dry out and can easily catch fire so always be careful when lighting/using candles.  Never leave a lit candle unattended.)

Et voilà, the finished centrepiece to accompany holiday dinners with dearest family and friends:


This tray arrangement is just a smaller version of the table centrepiece.  It’s perfect for a hall console, for example, or in this case, on the window ledge.  The steps are similar: Position the candle on the small tray, then surround it with pine leaves, Christmas balls and other holiday ornaments. (Note:  Fresh pine leaves will dry out and can easily catch fire so always be careful when lighting/using candles.  Never leave a lit candle unattended.)

I placed my mini-tray by the window, juxtaposing the warmth of the candlelight with the cold outside.

I hope these 3 simple holiday decorations sparked some ideas for your own Christmas baubles.  Happy decorating, and stay tuned next week for the start of the Portugal series!

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