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9 whole months.  That’s approximately how long it took to get this blog up and running.  It was at the end of January, following our first trip of 2012 in Spain, that I started talking about an “upcoming blog” to friends.  Although I constantly kept everyone apprised  through the gajillion photo uploads in Facebook, I felt that the albums never really gave enough room to say anything more than a short photo caption or a quick funny comment.  Thus, I always found myself wanting to say just a wee bit more.  Or in truth, a whole lot more.

It does not matter if it’s a quick weekend in a city close by or a week-long tour somewhere exotic — I always come back from trips with an excessive collection of brochures, maps, ticket stubs, receipts and other knick-knacks — all compulsively hoarded, of course.  My other half absolutely hates this behaviour and fears the beginning of a Hoarding: Burried Alive episode.  But I tell him that each piece has a special little story.  And judging by the big drawer brimming with “stuff” I collected from the past 9 months, there are a lot of stories to share.

Maps, guides, brochures collected from trips

Maps, magazines & brochures hoarded from our trips, each one with a story

Nine months is a pretty long time to collect stories for a travel blog, one might say.  Waiting that long was not the original plan.  I can come up with a ton of excuses for the delay, but the fact remains that this is long overdue.  Now that this baby is born to the interweb, I promise to do my best to care for it.

My hope is that through this blog, I will be able to share my passion for travel not only to my family and friends (who will sadly get a regular “have you seen my latest post?” in their mailboxes), but also to anyone who’s thinking of doing a little traveling themselves.  Many friends have asked for travel tips, copies of itineraries, hotel & restaurant recos, and I’m sure each one received a version of “I’ll put it in my travel blog… coming soon.”  Et voilà! With procrastination out the window, I’m ready to do what I can to help you plan your itinerary.  Or even better, to inspire you to actually start planning for your next destination.

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